About De3

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De3 Customs is at its core a custom hobby shop that consists of a father (Lee) and two sons (Matt and Tim).

It all began with the Genesis bike. I, Tim picked this non-running 1974 CB750 SOHC bike up from a local resident who needed to get it out of his garage.

I brought it home and started to tear the bike down. Since the birth of my son, I quickly realized that trying to complete this project at home was never going to happen.

The Genesis bike project moved to my dads shop. My brother Matt stopped by to check out the project and we then decided it would be great to meet every Thursday night to build bikes. Most every Thursday night, Matt and I take our kids with us to the De3 Customs motorcycle shop, have dinner with Grandpa and Grandma and then go out to the shop to work on motorcycles.

It’s more than a custom motorcycle shop to all of us, it’s really a great excuse to just hang out together and do something we all love to do!

De3 Customs